The Company

Thrive Nutrition and Fitness Pty (Ltd) is a health and wellness company founded in 2018.  It was born from a desire to promote health and prevent lifestyle disease.  It harnesses the power of community to facilitate change.  At Thrive, we value education and are committed to equipping you as best we can, but we know that there is often a disconnect between ‘knowing’ and ‘doing’ when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle and managing health conditions. Thrive aims to be practical resource for people needing some extra motivation to bridge that gap. Whether it is weight loss or adapting your diet for a specific condition like Diabetes, Thrive offers a variety of services and packages designed to meet your needs.

Our vision is to see our communities thriving by empowering and energising people for positive lifestyle change. 

Our mission is to provide a relevant, holistic and individualised healthcare service to manage and prevent disease, and to provide the practical support necessary for sustained change.

The Founder

Louise Ferreira

  • BSc Dietetics (UFS)
  • PgDip Diabetes (USW)
  • MSc Diabetes (USW)
  • Aerobics, Step, Tone, Zumba, Pilates (eta, Zumba inc., VA)
  • Pastoral Counselling (Philedelfia)

Louise Ferreira is a professional clinical dietitian located in Cape Town.  She attained a BSc Dietetics (Hons) in 2011 at the University of the Free State and went on to spend 4 years working in public hospitals around South Africa before moving overseas.  While in the UK, she completed a Masters degree (with distinction) in the management of Diabetes through the University of South Wales and worked for the NHS as a paediatric diabetes specialist Dietitian.  She returned to South Africa in 2018 to open her own dietetics private practice as well as a wellness company called Thrive Nutrition and Fitness.  Because of her Diabetes -specific education and vast experience in the field, she is registered as an accredited Diabetes educator by DESSA and is on the expert panel of and writes articles for Sweet Life, a Diabetes magazine.

Louise qualified as a group fitness instructor in 2010 and started her fitness career as an instructor at the military gym in Bloemfontein. She went on to become a Zumba instructor in 2012 and gave a variety of group fitness classes privately until joining the team at Virgin active in 2015. There, she furthered her training and became qualified to instruct Kick, Aqua, Pump, Move and Pilates. She left Virgin Active in 2018 when she started Thrive, and offered dance, aerobics and pilates classes weekly. Thrive Fitness moved online during the pandemic.

Louise earned a certificate in pastoral counselling through the Philedelfia Institute in 2013 and applies these skills when working with clients in order to maintain a holistic approach to their care.

She is committed to the empowerment of her patients for positive change and strives to create a community where that is possible and encouraged.